Think software
At Trifork we strongly believe that high quality software and ultra innovative IT-solutions make the wheels in the world turn faster. Therefore, our vision is to be at the center of ground-breaking knowledge and bring new and better technology to use when developing solutions for our customers.

Through our unique business model we guarantee that we are on top of technology and ahead of competitors.

At the heart of our business we have our worldwide software development conferences , training courses and technological networks. Each year, more than 6000 participants and 900 speakers participate at these events. As we are the organizers of these events, a continuous flow of new knowledge streams into all our Trifork offices before it reaches our competitors. 

From here, our highly qualified software pilots run projects and develop products within our three business areas, i.e. Mobile, Agile and Cloud. We serve customers from our offices around the world and in particular within the sectors finance, government, manufacturing, health and telecom.