Payment Switch (Vocalink)

Connecting the world’s busiest payments network
With more than 9.6 billion payments a year Vocalink supports over 60.000 ATMs – the world’s busiest payment network. The need for a realiable platform to handle massive and rapidly growing volumes is evident. The Payments Switch is the backbone of Vocalink’s payments business and offers not only reliability and scalability but also a cost efficient solution to be run on commodity hardware.

"The payment experience for the end consumer is what matters", Product Director Adam Kennedy states. "Speed and trustworthiness are the two factors on which we are judged by our clients’ end customer. If you make a payment, you want to be sure that the payment ends up where it should and that transactions happen with absolute minimal delay".

Robust – but lightweight
The search for a robust, scalable and yet flexible platform that could stand this test, started four years ago, when the rise in volume on payments transactions made Vocalink look for a new possibility. The search stopped with the Payment Switch.

Adam Kennday explains why: "The Payments Switch is both highly fault tolerant yet offers massive concurrency. This is critical to payment transactions. At the same time the development project cooperation with Trifork – Erlang Solutions was agile and responsive, giving us the opportunity to explore the possibilities to support our clients".

10.000 consumers, 5 countries, 3 continents
Although today handling 9.6 billion payments a year of a value of more than 5 trillion €, the journey for Vocalink has just begun. Ambitious growth plans, especially for the markets outside Europe, signals that payments volumes will grow – and scalability is a core issue. "Built into the Payment Switch solution are lightweight processes that allow for millions of simultaneous transactions. The architecture allows for quick ramping up of the solutions and this gives us an unprecedented time-to-market for our clients.", Adam Kennedy sums up.


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