Innovative Digital Banking (Danske Bank)

In September 2010 Danske Bank launched its first version of a mobile banking solution in the four Nordic countries. It created lots of positive publicity and attracted new customers to the bank, being the first retail bank in Denmark and Finland to offer a state of the art mobile banking application for both iPhone and Android.

Award winning solutions
Since the first release the mobile banking solutions have been downloaded more than 600.000 times and have also received several awards throughout the Nordic region.

Danske Bank, CIO Peter T. Schleidt says” The launch of our new mobile banking solutions came at the exactly right time and offered from the beginning the most important and useful services. The customers adopted the new solution extremely fast and in a much larger scale than we expected and at the same time we received lots of very good user ratings and nominations for several awards.

We are both proud and happy for all the awards we have received and the success we have experienced with our mobile banking solutions. We consider our mobile banking solution as a full service channel and provide customers access to common self-services like money transfers, account overview, stock trade etc. We focus on bringing new and unique services to our customers like for instance the possibility of using the camera for slip payments etc.

Agile development and fast time-to-market
The business and customers demand for bringing new services faster into the market is obtained by implementing and using lean and agile software development methods.

In close collaboration with Danske Bank Group IT and Global Product Business Development Trifork has delivered the technical solution for the smartphones. By developing and releasing smaller parts of functionality it has become possible for the bank to prioritize which services to bring to market first. By using Agile development it is possible to respond to customer needs very fast and it keeps us focusing on delivering the services that that the market requests right now concludes Peter T. Schleidt

Trifork’s Mobile offerings

  • Application development
  • Mobile components
  • Mobile testing
  • Mobile security
  • Technical Training
  • Innovation workshop


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