Intelligent Power Control (Dong Energy)

Smart Grid Energy – balancing – agilely
Trifork has supplied the technological competence and agile back-up for DONG Energy's development of the Power Hub – a project, which in the long term will enable a far better usage of wind energy than is presently the case.

Intelligent power control
The Power Hub is one of DONG Energy's innovative initiatives for a Smart grid system of balancing wind energy in the power grid and the potential is enormous. What happens to our power supply when the autumn storm is raging or the wind suddenly stops? And is it possible to control a decentralized energy supply intelligently? With Project Power Hub DONG Energy will attempt to level out the highs and lows in power supply, depending on the speed of the wind mill wings. This is achieved by utilizing the potential of the massive amount of decentralized consumption – and production units, like for instance cooling systems, water power plants and swimming pools, which intelligently controlled, can assist in levelling out the large differences in the current wind energy production.

An agile approach to development
The innovative production began in January 2010 with a large team of developers and business people. After a few years of experience with agile development in the IT- department in Skærbæk, the agile process was to have its baptism of fire in DONG Energy.

“During the last couple of years, Trifork ́s agile coaches has given us feed back, organized retrospectives and generally set us on the right course regarding agile development. For me, as team leader, it was excellent, because this method helped us introduce the process by learning from our own experiences and simultaneously evaluate with an expert. This has brought strong commitment to the team and in our previous projects as well”, says IT- team leader Johnny Hessellund Iversen.

From the very beginning, he knew that Project Power Hub would acquire improved agile competences in his team, which is why Trifork agile coaches was brought in as a collaborator.

“ A project this size was new for us and Trifork ́s input were an excellent start. He collaborated with us up front, so to speak, and that has given us a solid basis”, Johnny Hessellund Iversen says.

Working closely together
“From the very beginning, I was given the opportunity to work closely with both the program and IT- project manager in order to find the right structure for this particular project: the division of roles, meetings, working method etc. Naturally, everything depends on the people you work with, but in a project where several different departments must cooperate and integrate with hardware developed concurrently, there are already very specific demands to the organization. All things being equal, it is a bigger challenge when the system in a traditional control room must integrate with Silverlight and .Net, Scada systems and particularly developed hardware in decentralized locations, than the traditional Java or .Net project”.

“Compared to the other projects I have been involved with "in the field", it was a major boost for the project that we got off to a good start and grasped the project chain of value correctly. I believe, this has been essential for the success of the project and based on this that Trifork, without any problems, was able to put a development team in place later in the process, when DONG Energy required Trifork's technical competences”, says one of Trifork's agile coaches.

“There were huge doubts that an extern person could be successful as team leader, but it worked really well. With Trifork you buy a team, that joins and functions in the project from the very start. They have a professional approach to development work and the agile process means that we have a product we can relate to from day one. They believe in agile development, have great experience and are very professional and they were able to dive into the project with our team and lift it all to a higher level”, Johnny Hessellund Iversen declares.

Good result
“When we summarized the development projects on December 31, we had managed to come very, very far. We have a product which have moved in many directions because of the agile process, and it has very healthy code standard, which I am very proud of”, Johnny Hessellund Iversen concludes.

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