Case highlights

Introduction to Big Data and NoSQL Workshop

With technological advances, business has access to more data than ever before. The data is not uniform due to differences in variety, velocity and volume. Big Data initiatives address this complexity to derive rich business insight and drive competitive advantage

Primarily targeted at technical thought leaders and business intelligence professionals, the goal of this workshop is to give an vendor-agnostic overview of the fundamental concepts in the mainstream Big Data analytics and NoSQL space, for example:

High data quality through one point of entry

Sparinvest has experienced periods of rapid growth, which has partly led to the choice of many different internal IT-systems. These systems only had little or no connection between them. As a result, in 2012 the organization was facing the challenge of improving their data quality by developing a master database that could handle all incoming data from various systems and ensure excellent data quality for stakeholder reporting.

Roskilde Festival goes mobile

Maximum exploration of Roskilde festival through an interactive festival guide. This was at the top of the wish list when Roskilde Festival in 2012 offered their festival-goers the first official mobile festival app.


Facilitating tailor-made care in the healthcare industry

upc cablecom

Already late 2010 Scrum and agile methods started surfacing at UPC Cablecom as a way forward in a highly competitive market. UPC Cablecom is today one of the leading providers of telecom services and cable-TV solutions on the Swiss market, which is well-know for its high quality and service demands. Competition is fierce and UPC Cablecom was looking for a way to maintain and strengthen growth and market share in a sustainable way. Since 2011 Trifork has been working with UPC Cablecom.

Smart control anywhere

Millions of people around the world have hearing difficulties. In most cases, problems arise as one gets older and the genes are disposed for a quicker hearing loss. However, many are born with hearing difficulties or start having problems early in life. The development within hearing aids follows the same track as many other technology areas, ‘increasingly smaller and better’ and the Danish company GN ReSound has been a driving factor in that development for 70 years. The GN ReSound Group has subsidiaries in 23 countries and distributors in another 60 markets.