Mobile Messaging

Transforming small messages into big business
Scalability and reliability were two keywords for the Mobile Interactive Group when choosing their mobile messaging and payment gateway – the very backbone of a company that has grown into a successful business in mobile commerce. Today mVoy has proven both scalability and reliability in more than 20 markets worldwide.

2 years ago, as one of the globally leading mobile marketing providers, Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) faced the challenge of their own success. After a period of high growth – and a forecast of even higher growth – MIG had to find a platform that could organize and distribute millions of mobile messages and handle similar amounts of mobile payments. Daily. Reliably.

The brand is at stake
With some of the leading global broadcast organizations and consumer brands as clients, CEO Barry Houlihan, is brutally aware of the role mVoy plays for his clients: "All our clients possess strong brands today and there is no room for mistakes when it comes to brand value and engaged consumers. Mobile campaigns and interactive messaging being a big part of the communication, our solutions based on mVoy have a significant stake in the brand and relationship building."

Besides reliability, MIG also needed a platform ready for a very high volume of transactions. With 15.000 messages a second, mVoy even leaves room for the largest scale mobile campaigns.

Future of payment is mobile
Another key business area for MIG is mobile billing and payments and CEO Barry Houlihan sees this as a very promising area. "MIG being the largest mobile billing and mobile payments business in the UK and with some of the leading providers of mobile payments among our clients, it has been crucial for us to choose a platform that can grow with us in the payments area as well – and remain reliable".


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