Status on the Trifork shares

Trifork Holding AG who is to take over the full ownership of all the shares in Trifork A/S and act as the overall holding company for the Trifork Group now owns 96.96% of the shares in Trifork A/S.

The final phase of the compulsory redemption is to be finalised at the end of June, 2014. After this date Trifork Holding AG will own 100% of the shares in Trifork A/S and initiate its reorganization of the Trifork Group.

After the final takeover of all shares in Trifork A/S the investor pages on the Trifork web-site will be updated to reflect this. Until then information on both the Trifork A/S shares and Trifork Holding AG shares will be presented.

Dividend from Trifork Holding AG

At the General Assembly of Trifork A/S (11.04.2014) a dividend of DKK 0.16 per share was approved based on the financial results in Trifork A/S in 2013. As the major shareholder in Trifork A/S - Trifork Holding AG received most of this dividend payment.

Dividend payment from Trifork Holding AG requires an audited financial statement from the company. Based on this dividend payments from Trifork Holding AG will not be done before the annual statement of 2014 is audited, announced and approved. It is the intention of Trifork Holding AG to add the dividend received from Trifork A/S in 2014 on top of the dividend payments to be calculated, approved and paid out from Trifork Holding AG after the financial year 2014.

Information from Trifork

Trifork's management emphasizes an open and continuing dialogue with the Company's shareholders, potential investors and the public in general. On an ongoing basis, Trifork publishes quarterly overviews of company progress including relevant financial information, and Trifork also publishes information believed to be of importance to the performance of the Company.

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Latest financial report

Investor events to come

  • 04.09.2014 - Investor meeting for shareholders in DK (Aarhus and Copenhagen) (Invitation)
  • 06.11.2014 - Interim Financial information Q3-2014

Past events

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  • 18.04.2013 - General Assembly
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  • 14.04.2011 - Investor seminar, Taastrup, DK
  • 11.04.2011 - Annual General Assembly 2011, Aarhus, DK
  • 05.04.2011 - Investor seminar, Aarhus, DK

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