Mobile Banking

Mobile banking made easy, Intuitive and secure
Mobile banking is one more channel banks need to support its multi-channel banking set-up. For some customers, it is the only interaction with the bank, for others it is a supplementary contact point.

Financial customers expect mobile solutions
Mobile Banking solutions for personal customers are a pre-requisite for retail banks today. Either your bank already offers a solution or your bank is considering how to move forward on this rapidly developing platform.

Trifork has developed an international mobile banking framework that is well-proven and secure. The solution has been implemented in > 20 retail banks and combining the mobile framework with the specific service demands from the retail banks the solution has been awarded “App of the Year in 2011” due to the core functionalities, the usability and the design.

The solution is currently targeted as easy-to-use functionalities within daily banking and investment, but will be enhanced continuously with other relevant services within loans/mortgages, life insurance and non-life insurance, while not jeopardizing the simplicity.

Key features

  • ATM finder
  • Branch finder
  • Contact and credit card services
  • Currency calculator
  • Secure login
  • Account overview
  • Account transactions
  • Transactions details
  • Bill payment with use of built-in camera
  • Account to account money transfer
  • Custody account.
  • Investment overview
  • Buy and sell stocks
  • Technical in brief

In order to provide coherent solutions for the established mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the mobile framework is designed to follow best practices and guidelines for each native platform. The framework ensures that the solutions provides a manageably code base that requires only low maintenance costs, while at the same time offering a consistant data model by utilizing architectural (MVC) patterns for the back-end systems. The authentification and security module is built to leverage various security patterns and procedures depending on the existing infrastructure of the retail bank as well as local legislation and regulations. Depending on bank ability to deliver REST/Web services to the mobile solutions, the framework also offers an optional back-end middle layer that allows the bank to gather data from various web services from third parties.


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