Riak NoSQL database

Riak™ is an open source, highly scalable, fault-tolerant distributed database. Different than traditional relational databases and other “NoSQL” non-relational databases — Riak™ offers a number of unique benefits to users:

  • Riak™ is built to operate in highly distributed environments, such as the cloud.
  • Riak™ is master-less; it has no single point of failure.
  • Riak™ is highly fault-tolerant due to its distributed nature. This means you can lose access to many Riak™ nodes, but never lose data.
  • Riak™ makes data highly available for use in read and write-intensive web applications.
  • Riak™ scales simply and intelligently, simply adds a node to a cluster, with no downtime.
  • Riak™ is incredibly stable; many see Riak as the “building blocks” of a cloud data infrastructure.
  • Riak™’s elegantly simple design makes for a lower cost of operations.

Trifork offers consultancy services, installation, tuning and support on Riak™ installations.

Riak is a registered trademark of Basho Technologies, Inc.


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